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     Our Story

   For quite some time, my husband and I had been molding the dream of starting our own business and, in 2014, we finally finished shaping it, and Sweet Heavenly Cakes was born. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember I always loved to draw, paint, sculpt and build things with whatever I could get my hands on; I suppose that art and creativity were in my blood and now I use that creativity and passion to create wonderful and edible works of art.


My husband has always been the “dessert guy” everywhere we went; there’s not a sweet dish he can’t create. I think it also helps his years working alongside his sister on her cake business back home. We have combined our talent and passion so the only thing left is for you to give us the opportunity to make your celebration a wonderfully sweet one. Sweet Heavenly Cakes, creating wonderful memories, one sweet moment at a time!!!



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